BSB42215 Certificate IV in Legal Services - OneLegal
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BSB42215 Certificate IV in Legal Services

$3,992 $2,988
Certificate IV in Legal Services



This course is suited to you if you are currently, or have previously been, employed in the legal industry.  If you are new to legal then we generally recommend starting with our Certificate III in Business Administration (Legal) – although it is possible to start with this course and in such case, please contact us to help decide which is best for you.  This course could also suit you if you are returning to the workforce after a break and want to gain a nationally recognised legal qualification.


This course addresses the skills and knowledge required to carry out many of the secretarial, administrative and paralegal duties typically carried out within a law firm or similar legal environment.   The skills and experience gained from this course should significantly benefit you if you are already working in legal.  If you are new to the legal industry then upon successful completion of this qualification, you should have obtained the skills and experience needed to gain employment into an entry-level role within a law firm or legal environment.

OneLegal Training & Recruitment is also able to help you gain employment within the legal industry upon successful completion of this course.  Or you may wish to continue with further studies, such as our Diploma of Legal Services.

Course Summary

This qualification comprises 12 Units of Competency, ie 12 subjects.

Workbooks with reading and learning activities, together with Assessment Guides are downloaded from our online portal. Written assessments are carried out at the end of each Task and sent to us online to show you have gained the required skills and knowledge.  We mark each assessment and once you are deemed “competent” you move to the next one, until you have completed the course. Where you receive a “not yet competent” outcome, we let you know the changes needed to get a “competent” outcome.

Entry requirements

We generally recommend that you complete our Certificate III in Business Administration (Legal) before undertaking this course – although it is possible to start with this course and in such case, please contact us to help decide which is best for you.

We encourage mature-aged students and and anyone with an interest in legal to apply. Sufficient proficiency in written and spoken English is preferred and internet access is needed, as well as a basic proficiency level in typing and computer skills including access to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. If you’re unsure if meet these requirements, please contact us and we can advise you further.

Course Costs & Dates

This course is delivered on an external, flexible-learning basis.  You may commence your study at any time and you can structure your study program to suit your individual needs.  When you enrol, please state the date you wish to commence study. If you don’t provide a date, we will take the start date as the date of your enrolment.


The time allowed to complete this course is up to 12 months.  The estimated total hours of study required to complete this course are 630 hours.

Course Costs

  • Total cost of course: $3,992 now $2,988
  • $1,000 $249 is payable upon enrolment
  • $249 per unit (total of 12 units)

All fees in relation to the study of this course are included in the above Course Fees.  The only additional fees for this course are for a replacement Certificate of Completion/Statement of Attainment ($47.50 per item) or when you apply for re-assessment of one of your Assessments ($47.50).



For more information regarding either this course or OneLegal Training & Recruitment, please refer to the Student Handbook and Code of Conduct in this website.

Course Structure

Mandatory Units

Produce complex legal documents


Identify and apply the legal framework


Conduct work within a compliance framework


Implement effective communication strategies


Establish and maintain a file in legal services


Research legal information using primary sources


Apply the principles of contract law


Apply the principles of the law of tort


Elective Units

Maintain trust accounts


Apply the principles of evidence law


Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices


Apply legal principles in family law matters


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