Code Of Conduct/Terms & Conditions – OneLegal Training

OneLegal Training & Recruitment (OLT&R) is a registered business name of One Legal Pty Ltd ACN 143 894 277. OLT&R is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) which meets the requirements of the Standards for the National Vet Regulator (NVR) in relation to the regulation of RTOs by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). As an RTO, OLT&R is able to offer courses to students which lead to a nationally recognised qualification.  The three qualifications that we offer are BSB30320 Certificate III in Legal Services, BSB40620 Certificate IV in Legal Services and BSB50720 Diploma of Paralegal Services.

Our guarantees to you

OLT&R is committed to providing a pleasant, efficient and professional learning experience throughout your course. We guarantee you our full support and assistance throughout the duration of your course, including telephone, email or face-to-face assistance. OLT&R aims to provide clear and accurate information and advice at all times and to provide all information in a timely and effective manner.  

Prior to registration, we ensure that we give you all necessary information regarding enrolment procedures, vocational outcomes, fees, access and equity, guidance and support, complaints and appeals and Recognition of Prior Learning and Credit Transfer information; all to enable you to make an informed, unbiased and accurate decision as to whether the proposed course is right for you.

Upon receipt of payments for you and after undertaking our initial pre-training interview, we guarantee to provide you with all necessary learning and assessment tools course information to enable you to complete your course and gain the relevant nationally-recognised qualification.

Privacy Statement

OLT&R is committed to protecting the privacy, confidentiality and security of all personal information provided by students or other persons. OLT&R operates in compliance with the Australian Privacy Act 1988, the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012 and the Australian Privacy Principles.  OLT&R is committed to implementing best practice in its records management practices and systems and information or records provided to OLT&R will only be used for OLT&R purposes including:

·      Maintaining contact with you; assisting you and providing you with the educational service you require to successfully complete your course; obtaining feedback from you regarding your course; and to keep you updated regarding forthcoming events and new products/services of OLT&R throughout the duration of your course.

·      Applying for a Unique Student Identifier (USI) for a student who either does not have or is unable to supply one.

·      Mandatory enrolment reporting in compliance with the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) or related entities.

·      Issuing of nationally recognised qualifications.

·      Auditing by official State or Federal Authority requests.

Types of information we collect include; name; date of birth; residential/postal address; telephone numbers; email address; occupation; education/qualifications; academic records/results; credit card/bank details; and special learning requirements and needs.

Course Information

Prior to enrolment in a qualification, students are requested to read the relevant Course Brochure which is available through contacting OLT&R on 03 9670 5020, or at the back of the OLT&R Student Handbook, which includes information about the qualification, fees, delivery schedule and vocational outcomes.

Enrolment and Induction

Enrolment in a qualification is subject to availability and course capacity. Enrolment is confirmed only on payment of fees is received and funds are cleared through the OLT bank account. OLT&R offers enrolment to all applicants on the basis of eligibility and appropriateness of the course/unit(s) to the student’s needs.

Completion of the OLT&R Enrolment Form and undertaking a pre-training interview to assess your learning needs are the first steps to the application process, although these steps do not indicate formal acceptance of enrolment. In order to further assist you with any special learning assistance you may require, we may ask you to undertake a Language, Literacy and Numeracy Evaluation.  OLT&R reserves the right to review and/or reject enrolment applications for a number of reasons, which will be stated in writing and provided to the enrolling person.

Equal Opportunity

OLT&R is committed to providing training and assessment services to all students regardless of race, religion, sex, socio-economic status, disability, language, literacy or numeracy and upholds the principles of equal opportunities. 

Language, Literacy & Numeracy

All qualifications require competency in the English language as well as a minimum level of literacy and numeracy skills. A Language, Literacy and Numeracy Evaluation may be conducted to determine if a student requires additional assistance and support, and to ensure that the most appropriate course and level has been selected by the student.

Student Support

OLT&R offers all enrolled students telephone between the hours of 9.00am to 5.00pm from Monday to Friday (inclusive) and email support. Emails will be responded to within 24 hours of receipt. All enrolled students are provided with the appropriate resources to undertake the course, including all required text books.  Any further resources required by students that are not covered by student fees will be clearly outlined in the course information.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Credit Transfer

Students are encouraged to apply for RPL and Credit Transfer where they believe previous experience and existing skills may exempt them from undertaking formal assessment in a unit of competency and Credit Transfer where they have completed the same unit in another qualification.  To apply, refer to the OLT RPL / Credit Transfer Policy & Application Form which may be obtained by contacting OLT or found in the Student Handbook.


Students will be expected to submit and complete assessment within the provided timeframes. All assessment submitted to OLT&R will be marked, assessed and have feedback returned to students in a timely manner.

Complaints and Appeals

If at any time you feel that we are not abiding by this Code of Practice, or if you wish to highlight any other issue that causes you concern in relation to your dealings or study with OLT&R then you are encouraged to let us know as soon as possible.  Any student with a complaint or appeal should refer to the OLT&R Complaints & Appeals Procedure, which can be obtained from OLT&R or located in the Student Handbook, and should follow the steps set out in the procedure. Further information regarding complaints and appeals can be obtained from Janie Thomas, Chief Executive Officer by telephoning 03 9670 5020. Students may also wish to refer complaints directly to the National VET Regulator – Australian Skills Quality Authority.


A refund is only available where cancellation of enrolment has been submitted in writing prior to commencement of the course.  Once you have commenced the course, a 50% refund is available within the first 14 days if you have valid reasons for withdrawal or decide the course is not for you.  After this time, no refunds will be given for monies paid. 

In the unlikely event that OLT&R is for any reason whatsoever unable to deliver the student’s training and/or assessment up to and including its completion, the student will be offered a refund of the full amount of their pre-paid tuition fees that have been paid.  The refund will be paid to the student’s nominated bank account or, if the student prefers, to the student in person within 14 days of the day when the training/assessment ceased being provided by OLT&R.  Alternatively, OLT&R may offer the student an enrolment into an alternative course; either with OLT&R or another Registered Training organisation.  This enrolment into an alternative course will be at no additional cost to the student, save for any additional tuition fees that the student would have been liable to pay had the student been able to continue in their original course.  Where the student is offered enrolment in an alternative course, the student has the right to choose whether to accept the enrolment, or instead to receive a refund for all pre-paid tuition fees.   


OLT&R expects students to abide by OLT&R’s policies and to maintain conduct displaying an appropriate level of respect when communicating with other students, OLT&R staff or any other person involved in the training and assessment process.  This applies whether the communicating in person, by telephone, email or any other communication method.  OLT&R will initiate disciplinary measures against students who engage in any activity that could be determined as illegal, immoral, dishonourable or disruptive to the training environment.  In general, where student behaviour is determined to be inappropriate, OLT&R will issue the student with a single written warning. If the behaviour recurs or persists, OLT&R may provide written notice of termination to the student within 7 days. There are no refunds where a student is expelled from a course, as a result of misconduct. All disciplinary cases have the right of appeal in accordance with OLT Complaints/Appeals procedures.

Marketing and accuracy of information

OLT&R management and staff are committed to marketing its courses in an accurate, ethical and responsible manner, and in a timely and efficient way, in order to ensure that students are provided with the correct and necessary information to enable them to make fully-informed decisions regarding suitability of courses.

Superseded Training Packages

OLT&R receives updates from “” and from other sources in relation to forthcoming changes to the content of its courses, in line with its registration as an RTO. Students enrolled in qualifications which are superseded part way through a course will be offered and encouraged to transfer their enrolment to the new qualification once OLT&R has the new course content completed and approved under its RTO registration. Students will not be disadvantaged in any way and are to complete or transition within the 12 month period from the date of new training package endorsement.

Continuous Improvement

OLT&R constantly strive to improve its services in relation to every area of its operations. OLT&R is committed to obtaining and reviewing feedback form students, employers and from its varied contact within the legal industry in order to improve its operations including the delivery of all training and assessment services, and also to ensure that clear, accurate information and advice is provided to students at all times. OLT&R conducts regular reviews of all course and assessment material to ensure it remains up-to-date in terms of its content; relevant to the legal industry; compliant with all State and Federal legislation and RTO requirements (eg OH&S, harassment, discrimination, equal opportunities and NVR RTO standards); easy to understand; and laid out in a professional way.